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Giving birth is a unique journey and the memories of it will last a lifetime - that's why every birthing person should have the opportunity to have a positive experience. When the big moment approaches and you crave for competent and present support by your side, take a look at my doula services. You will have access to all my expertise as a birth support person, lactation consultant, and healthcare professional.

I belong to the Uusimaa Doulas group and always operate according to the mission of the Finnish Doulas Association. I have studied as a professional doula under the guidance of Midwife and Birth Coach Marjaana Siivola, whose teachings are comprehensive and varied.

The contents of the service package can always be tailored to your individual situation and preferences, as agreed upon between you and your family. Payment arrangements can also be discussed, such as dividing the costs into multiple installments.

A moment with Doula

If you need a chat with a Doula about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, or baby care, you can book an appointment with me at my clinic. We can also do relaxation and breathing exercises together or even do some relaxing belly swaying with a Rebozo. Let's start with your needs and wishes for the appointment.

Appointment Booking

Medical Center Pikkujätti, Ainoa shopping center in Tapiola. Please allow 60 minutes for the appointment.


€65 + office fee


If you prefer a meeting somewhere other than my clinic, please send me a message, and we can arrange a suitable meeting place for you, such as a café or your home. In this case, I charge €50 for the meeting, but I will refund the amount if you decide to use my services.

Doula consultation meeting

You may have already considered having a doula to support you during childbirth, but you're not sure which doula would be the best fit for you? Or do you need more information about the work of a doula before making an important decision?

Please request a free consultation meeting with me, and we can talk more. Your potential support person is also very welcome to join us.

The meeting can be arranged in a café, at home in the Uusimaa region, etc. for 60 minutes.

Doula Nora Holmström

Phone: 0451531855

Immediate Doula Services

This package is suitable for situations where your labor has already started and you would like a doula to support you. On-call doula support is the lightest form of doula support. I can also provide support remotely at the beginning of labor, by phone or message, and then come to the hospital or your home when you need me. I am a gentle and professional doula who will do everything in my power to ensure you have a good birth experience.

If you need a doula for your birth urgently, please call me. I will come to support you if I am available.

Doula Nora

Phone: 0451531855

The service includes

  • Full support for the person giving birth and their support person during labor. 
  • If desired, I can bring natural pain relief tools such as a Rebozo or Gua Sha comb. 
  • I will stay with you and your baby for the first 2 hours after birth. 
  • Postpartum home visit at an agreed time.


400 €

Doulan pikapäivystys

This package is suitable if you need urgent doula support in the final stages of your pregnancy. We can meet in person or have a video call to plan for the upcoming birth together.

If you need a doula urgently, please email me at I will respond within 24 hours.

Service includes

  • Skype/phone meeting or in-person meeting On-call availability close to the due date (1-2 weeks) 
  • Birth support Final meeting at the family's home 
  • Phone/email consultation throughout the entire service
  •  Elle-TENS rental device if available (I will bring it to your birth) 


Starting from 600 € (Please ask Doula for more information)

Doula's Suitable Package

Would you like to have someone to contact during the end of your pregnancy, when the birth is starting, and in the first weeks with your baby, to prepare for one of the most unique moments in your life together?

During our meetings, we can discuss your previous birth experience, the upcoming birth, breastfeeding, and baby care. We can also include a small moment of relaxation or pampering. Let's start with what you need! <3

Package includes

  • Two meetings during pregnancy starting from week 20+.
  • Birth preparation or pampering as desired during meetings (zone therapy pregnancy massage, home visit) 
  • Remote support throughout your pregnancy
  • On-call availability for 4 weeks around your due date (week 37-40) via phone and WhatsApp 24/7 
  • Full support during labor for you and any support person 
  • Postpartum meeting at your home 
  • Availability of different pain relief items during:  Elle TENS device, gua sha comb, rebozo shawl, exercise ball, and literature. 
  • The package includes a backup doula from Uudenmaan Doula in case I am unable to attend your birth.

Price: 1450 €

Diamond Doula Package

Let's prepare together for the most unique moment of your life. This service also includes a touch of pampering during your pregnancy. At your request, I offer a reflexology pregnancy massage in the later stages of your pregnancy, which will provide a comfortable relaxation and prepare you for childbirth. Doesn't that sound lovely?

During our meetings, if you wish, we can discuss previous childbirth experiences, upcoming childbirth, breastfeeding, and baby care. We can also combine the meeting with outdoor activities or any other activity that you desire. Let's start with what you need! <3

Package contents

  • Three meetings during pregnancy, starting from week 20. 
  • Childbirth education and preparation together.
  • Reflexology pregnancy massage, as an agreed home visit.
  • Remote support throughout your pregnancy. On-call support for four weeks before your due date (between weeks 37-40). I am available 24/7 via phone call or WhatsApp message. 
  • My full support during your childbirth for you and your support person. 
  • Postpartum meeting as an agreed home visit. 
  • Breastfeeding guidance over the phone or as an agreed home visit. 
  • Availability of different pain relief items during: Elle TENS device, gua sha comb, rebozo shawl, exercise ball, and literature.
  • The package includes a backup doula from Uudenmaan Doula in case I am unable to attend your birth.


1600 € 

Home Birth Package

If you have thinking to birth your baby at home i will be there just for you and your family. You can share your concerns with me, send messages, or ask any questions that come to mind as you prepare for the birth. I will also be there to support you and your family, so they can give you the best possible care. We are working togethe with your choosing midwife. 

Please note that for a home birth, in addition to a Doula, you will also need a midwife to assist with the birth. However, the Doula can still provide support during the waiting period and birth.

  • Two to three meetings during the waiting period starting from week 20 of pregnancy. 
  • Collaboration with your midwife. 
  • Prenatal education or pampering in the way you prefer during the meetings. 
  • Pregnancy massage as a homevisit. 
  • Support throughout the pregnancy. 
  • On-call for birth for 4 weeks (weeks 37-40). I am available by phone or WhatsApp 24/7. 
  • Full support for you and your possible support person/family during the home birth. 
  • Postpartum visit at home at a mutually agreed time. 
  • Availability of different pain relief items during: Elle TENS device, gua sha comb, rebozo shawl, exercise ball, and literature.
  • The package includes a backup doula from Uudenmaan Doula in case I am unable to attend your birth.


Starting from 1200 €

More meetings?

If you need more prepare for your labor we can add more meetings in the packages.  

Price: 110€/2h + travel expenses 0.22€/km.